I am Ryan.  I am a fisherman and I especially enjoy fly fishing  A
few years ago, I started tying my own flies.  I have decided to
make my flies available to the public.  

My goal is to provide you with high quality flies that are more
durable and effective than commercially tied flies.  I take care to
prevent loops of excess thread and other problems that are
common in commercially tied flies.

When buying my flies,
I request that you pay by check.  I start
tying the flies when I receive the check.  

I am also dedicated to protecting the environment so I have a
no lead policy.  All of my flies are completely non-lead.  I weight
my flies with other metals like tungsten and brass.  On all flies
size eight and smaller, I use mini barb or barbless hooks so that
the fish are not as likely to be wounded.
Quality Hand Tied Flies
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