I know a lot about flies and how to fish them.  There are many kinds of flies.  
A few years ago, I started tying my own flies.  I tie nymphs, streamers,dry
flies, wet flies, and bass bugs.    I have decided to make my flies available to
the public.  I do not have a wet fly package available, but I can do custom
wet flies.

My goal is to provide you with high quality flies that are more durable and
effective than commercially tied flies.  I take care to prevent loops of excess
thread and other problems that are common in commercially tied flies.

One important thing about all of my flies is that they are lead free.  I use
other types of weight to get my flies down.  Lead can be harmful to both fish
and people.

Fly Fishing
Fly fishing is not like other fishing.  You cast differently because the weight is
in the line, not the lure.  More importantly, fly fishing is an art.  

Fishing With My Flies
I tie most kinds of flies and I will give an overview of how to fish the different
types of flies.
Dry Flies:  A dry fly is any fly that floats on the water's surface.  Dry flies
imitate insects that have either just hatched or have laid their eggs and died.
 When fish take a dry fly, they come up to the  surface of the water and suck
the fly into their mouth.  It is easy to see a fish take a dry fly.  Cast your fly
near a feeding fish and let your fly sit.
Wet Flies: A wet fly is a fly that imitates a dead insect that has sunk below
the surface of the water.  These are best for fishing rivers, because they
drift by feeding fish.
Nymphs: A nymph is any fly that imitates an immature insect.  In rivers,
cast upstream of the fish and let your fly float downstream to the fish.  In
lakes, pull your fly slowly through the water, pausing every few seconds.
Streamers: A streamer is a fly that imitates a baitfish.  Do what you can
to make it look lifelike.  
Deer Hair Bugs: A deer hair bug is a floating fly with a deer hair body
that creates a wake when it is pulled through the water.  T
ry the twitch and
pause retrieve.
About My Flies And Fishing With Them
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